Club Locations

Chelmsford, MA Drum Hill, MA Springfield, MA Lowell, MA Albany, NY -- Central Ave. Albany, NY -- Fuller Rd. Buffalo, NY Schenectady, NY Tonawanda, NY Nashua, NH Erie, PA ×

Club Locations

Chelmsford, MA Drum Hill, MA Springfield, MA Lowell, MA Albany, NY
  • Albany, NY -- Central Ave.
  • Albany, NY -- Fuller Rd.
  • Buffalo, NY Schenectady, NY Tonawanda, NY Nashua, NH Erie, PA ×

    Club Locations

    Chelmsford, MA Drum Hill, MA Springfield, MA Lowell, MA Albany, NY -- Central Ave. Albany, NY -- Fuller Rd. Buffalo, NY Schenectady, NY Tonawanda, NY Nashua, NH Erie, PA ×

    Group Exercise Classes

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    Class Descriptions

    • Ashtanga Yoga:
      Involves synchronizing the breath with progressive series of postures producing intense internal heat and a profuse, purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs. The result is improved circulation, a light and strong body, and a calm mind.
    • Bodycombat®:
      The empowering cardio workout where you are totally unleashed. This fiercely energetic program is inspired by mixed martial arts and draws from a wide array of disciplines such as karate, boxing, taekwondo, tai chi and rnuay that. During this ultimate warrior workout, you will strike, punch, kick and kata your way through calories to superior cardio fitness. Experience the driving music and powerful role model instructors which make BODYCOMBAT the worlds most popular martial arts group fitness class.
    • Bodypump®:
      The original LES MILLS barbell class, will sculpt, tone and strengthens and tones your entire body, fast! Great bodies are not born, they are transformed, using the proven BODYPUMP formula: THE REP EFFECT a breakthrough in resistance workout training. Focusing on low weight loads and high repetition movements, you will burn fat, gain strength and quickly produce lean body muscle conditioning.
    • CXWORX:
      Train the core in just 30 minutes with exercises that will challenge you to strengthen and tone all the muscles groups in your core. Whether you’re training for general health or an elite athlete wanting an edge, CXWORX is the perfect addition to your exercise program- it will leave you looking good and feeling strong.
    • Gentle Yoga:

      Will focus primarily on the flexibility and relaxation components of a traditional yoga class. A great starter class!

    • H.I.I.T.:

      This high intensity interval training class using weighted conditioning will give you the sleek, se, ripped body you are looking for. This class will help push you toward your fitness goals and is appropnate for all fitness levels.

    • Hardcore Yoga:

      This is not your traditional yoga class. Fusing a blend of practices, modalities, music and postures, this yoga class is for those looking for a workout. Participants will first experience sweaty sequences focusing on strength and power before finishing with flexibility and relaxation.

    • Hatha Yoga:

      A gentle approach blending various styles of yoga to improve flexibility, strength and breathing techniques. This class is wonderful for all levels. Reshape your body and mind!

    • Hip-Hop Fusion:
      Hip Hop Fusion

      Hip hop style cardio. This fun, fast-paced class unveils dance-based routines to really get your heart rate pumping. This class is appropriate for all fitness levels.

    • Kripalu Yoga:

      This class will study the basics with emphasis on alignment, extension and compassionate awareness of the body in postures, breathing techniques and brief meditation, working toward several yoga posture flows, with variations to support different levels of experience and flexibility.

    • Pilates:

      Pilates combines key elements of stress reduction and bodywork. Exercises are based upon strengthening the "core" muscles of the abdomen while increasing flexibility in the legs, arms and smaller supporting muscle groups. This class integrates breathing, flexibility, strength, precision and body awareness to lengthen, define and sculpt muscles. May use props such as mini bars, weights, balls, etc. Great for all fitness levels.

    • Pilates Sculpt:

      Energetic all-body strength training and long lean muscle sculpt class. Pairs floor and standing Pilates sequences with light to moderate weights and classic isometric poses that challenge difficult muscle groups. The class will include body re-shaping core, leg, arms and back Pilates poses, pushups with a twist, side plank pulses, balance challenging poses, squat poses and cool down stretches.

    • PIYO:

      This class Is a blend of Pilates and Yoga. Traditional Yoga poses and sequences will help you to gain flexibility and strength while the Pilates mat work segments will focus on the strengthening and centering of your core. This class is great for beginners as well as advanced Yoga and Pilates participants

    • Power Yoga:

      A vigorous, fitness-based approach to yoga with an emphasis on strength and flexibility.A great class for people who want yoga as a way to work out as well as relax the mind and body.

    • Recess:

      Remember when recess was the best part of your day? It can be again! No grapevines, no dancey choreography, just athletic-style training. Combining plyometrics, agility, and strength training, this class will also improve your cardiovascular endurance. Great for all participants as the intensity is 100% participant controlled.

    • Slow-Flow Yoga:

      A gentle vinyasa flow linking breath with ongoing slow-flow of postures. This class will build strength, flexibility, balance, focus and serenity. For all fitness levels.

    • Spinning/Studio Cycling:
      Enjoy flats, hills, jumps and sprints in a challenging, energizing indoor cycling class. All instructors are Spin certified and guaranteed to take you on the ride of your life! All skill levels welcome.
    • Step:
      An Intense aerobics class using the step. Step aerobics burns 30-60% more calories than traditional aerobics with particular emphasis on hips, thighs, abdominals and buttocks. Higher intensity variation of a traditional step class, using more complex choreography. Beginners can modify.
    • Tabata:
      This is an interval training class with a cycle of 20 seconds of maximum Intensity exercise, followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated without pause 8 times for a total of four minutes. Specialty Class.
    • TRX:
      Suspension training made famous by Navy Seals – this form of training is all about movements and resistance. Get a complete body workout by using your own body weight and gravity or focus on your trouble areas with this versatile workout. Part of our Group Training Programs.
    • Vinyasa Yoga:
      Emphasizes carefully sequenced poses, continuous movement and deep relaxation.
    • Will Power & Grace:
      Will Power is the ability to create change using the power of your mind. Grace is how you land on your feet. This is a mindful, energetic cardio mosaic of postures, drills and principles. We integrate barefoot training methods to help strengthen your feet and correct imbalances in your ankles, knees and hips. In time you will stand taller, walk with greater confidence and move with integrity.
    • Yoga:
      Emphasizes carefully sequenced poses, continuous movement and deep relaxation.
    • Zumba®:
      Fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic fitness program that will blow you away. Our goal is simple: We want you to want to workout, to love working out, to get hooked. Zumba Fanatics achieve long term benefits while experiencing an absolute blast in one exhilarating hour of caloric-burning, body-energizing, awe-inspiring movements meant to engage and captivate for life!

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