Health Age

Give Best Fitness a chance to change your life. Our Best Fitness team is dedicated to helping you see, believe and achieve your fitness goals. With state-of-the-art facilities and technology we turn your fitness goals into fitness realities. Determine your health age with the Visual Fitness Planner and begin the journey to lifelong health and fitness.

Health Age - Best Fitness

Health Age

The Visual Fitness Planner™ (VFP) program calculates your chronological age against seven health risk factors to determine your true health age.

Health Risk - Best Fitness

Health Risks

Our staff will utilize the VFP™ to determine your likelihood of contracting Type II Diabetes, having a stroke or developing cardiovascular heart disease or cancer.

Body Transformation - Best Fitness

Body Transformation

The VFP™ will inspire and motivate you by showing you a 3D Image of your body’s potential change for wseven loss and/or muscle growth. Envision the transformation!

Transformation Plan

At your Goal Setting Assessment, you will receive a before and after print-out that includes strategies for implementing a successful program to achieve your fitness goals.

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