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Chelmsford, MA Drum Hill, MA Springfield, MA Lowell, MA Albany, NY -- Central Ave. Albany, NY -- Fuller Rd. Schenectady, NY Nashua, NH Erie, PA ×

Club Locations

Chelmsford, MA Drum Hill, MA Springfield, MA Lowell, MA Albany, NY
  • Albany, NY -- Central Ave.
  • Albany, NY -- Fuller Rd.
  • Schenectady, NY Nashua, NH Erie, PA ×

    Club Locations

    Chelmsford, MA Drum Hill, MA Springfield, MA Lowell, MA Albany, NY -- Central Ave. Albany, NY -- Fuller Rd. Schenectady, NY Nashua, NH Erie, PA ×

    Weight Loss Tips

    When someone decides that they want to join a gym, more often than not it is because they want to lose weight. More than one-third of adults in the United States are considered to be obese, and that number continues to grow. Proper nutrition accounts for 70% of a healthy lifestyle, so if you are trying to maintain a proper weight, here are some tips for you to lose the weight, and keep it off:

    Eat healthy to stay healthy

    Studies show that people who eat an unhealthy diet (loaded with fast-food meals, sugary drinks, high-fat snacks, lots of desserts/sweets, and low in fruits and vegetables) have significantly higher rates of chronic disease such as high blood pressure and heart disease. Finding healthier foods that you enjoy that can replace these so-called treats will help keep you from feeling deprived and keep you on track.

    Lose weight at a safe rate

    Weight lost too quickly often returns - sometimes with additional pounds. The safest route is to lose no more than two pounds (or 1% of total body weight) a week.

    Learn how to control emotional eating

    Experts estimate that 75% of overeating is caused by emotions. Those who successfully lose weight have often learned to apply behavior modification tools to help them deal with their emotional eating triggers and learn healthful techniques to help manage these emotions. Think before you eat - are you really hungry or are you upset, sad or tired? Depending on the answer, you may be able to find a different activity to take your mind off of your problems. Once you create a new habit, you will find yourself turning to food less and less.

    Control calories and portions

    Research has proven time and again that to lose weight you must consume fewer calories than your body expends, regardless of the carbs/fat/protein ratio. Be very conscious of serving sizes, and do not eat more than you can hold in the palm of your hand unless you are eating leafy green vegetables.

    Keep a journal

    Studies show that people are most successful at maintaining healthy eating habits when they watch and record the type and quantity of food consumed. Take it a step further by writing how you feel after eating and what physical activity you have done that day.

    Weigh yourself - but not too often

    Not weighing in is associated with greater weight regain, but too frequent weighing can become frustrating and sometimes consuming. Weigh yourself at most once each week at the same time of day under the same conditions.

    Get support and rewards for your successes

    Consistent contact with a support person - and small rewards along the way - are proven to increase the likelihood of maintaining new healthy habits. Set milestones for yourself along the way, and reward yourself with something other than food when you reach each one.

    Eat small, frequent meals

    The more often you eat during the day, the healthier your weight is likely to be - as long as you do not exceed your calorie goal. Eating breakfast and eating frequently increases total calorie burn, as it keeps your metabolism going. Aim to eat a healthy breakfast every morning followed by four or five small meals throughout the day.

    Eat more fiber

    The type of food you select can help you boost your metabolism and feel fuller and more satisfied longer. Fiber is filling and helps keep hunger at bay which will help you make wiser choices at your next meal.

    Include strength training, not just cardio

    The most successful programs for promoting health and long-term weight control involve combinations of exercise and diet. Balancing cardio exercise with strength training is the best prescription for promoting health, fitness and weight control. Though cardio burns the most amount of calories in a given time period, strength training helps boost your resting metabolic rate allowing you to burn more calories while sitting on the couch!

    Smart Eating

    Figuring out what to eat and what not to eat can be a challenge, especially if food is a vice of yours! Some things are easy to figure out (broccoli is better for you than a chocolate chip cookie), but other options are a little more tricky! Here are some common foods that people may think are healthy, but should be avoided, and vice-versa.

    Smart Choice: Oatmeal

    Oatmeal is a terrific option for breakfast for a number of reasons. Combine it with fruit like blueberries or a little brown sugar for a sweet and satisfying breakfast. Here are some reasons why oatmeal is a smart choice that will kick off your day the right way:

    • A cup of oatmeal is only 130 calories, but is high in fiber, keeping you feeling full throughout the morning
    • Oatmeal is low in fat
    • It contains antioxidants that are beneficial in protecting against heart disease

    Start your morning the healthy way - with some oatmeal!

    Best Fitness Weight Loss - Oatmeal

    Pass on: Granola

    Granola is a collection of grains, often oats, with an assortment of ingredients like seeds, nuts or dried fruit and then sweetened with honey, agave nectar or sugar. However, with all the additions, granola is high in calories and fat. Some granola choices are loaded with sugar, and when compared to oatmeal, make sure you check the serving size. While it can provide the fiber and whole grains, granola offers more fat and calories than you want to start your day.

    Best Fitness Weight Loss - Granola

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